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Prepare yourself for the next epic chapter in the critically acclaimed franchise: The Candy Apple Scrolls: A Nightmare Saga at the Edge of Memory.

Play as one of three unique classes in this combat focused action RPG: Tnak, armed with a sword, shield, and a hammer; Average Joe, armed with two swords and a bow; and the Umbrella Lover, armed with a spear and crossbow.

You are a budding indie game developer, but your game cannot be published due to a trademark of a big game company – what do you do? You storm their office with force, of course! But, what is that? The candy apocalypse broke out and the office is overrun with candy zombies and other horrible monsters. Good thing you came prepared!

Fight your way up seven procedurally generated floors while fighting for your very survival, and face off against King, the Saga Crusher on the top floor. Will you overcome the challenges and be victorious?

After defeating King, you can also try your skill again with the new game+ mode!

A game by Wedge Labs.



Alexander "FGRaptor" Brix

Johann "Carbonated_Soda" Ackerman

David "Skyhark" Svensson

Published Feb 04, 2014
GenreRole Playing, Action

Install instructions

Unpack the zip file and you're good to go.


TCAS A Nightmare Saga at the Edge of Memory.zip 6 MB